The cutting-edge science to target crucial drivers of cancer and inflammation

Our proprietary drug discovery and development engine has identified several immune drivers that have the ability to be “tuned up” or “tuned down” to modulate the immune system, either to initiate an immune response against a tumor in cancer or to suppress an overactive immune response in allergic inflammatory diseases.
Our lead drug candidates, FLX475 and RPT193, target the important cell surface receptor CCR4 (C-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 4). Receptors such as CCR4 bind to chemoattractant molecules called chemokines that orchestrate migration and homing of cells to specific tissues throughout the body. Chemokines specific to CCR4 are secreted from tumors and from allergically-inflamed tissues, but not from healthy tissues. Our proprietary approach is designed to prevent the recruitment of disease-promoting immune cells into tumors and inflamed tissues in order to treat cancer and allergic inflammatory diseases.